Hi! I’m Ainah – a multi-passionate creative dreamer, university student, and aspiring lifestyle blogger.

As a full time university student, business owner, and content manager at a brand and web design studio, I find myself constantly in a state of “go, go, go.”

Finding myself constantly fixated on work, school, client work, and other endless deadlines, I wanted my little corner of the internet to feature interests and areas of my life that bring me pockets of peace, enjoyment, and fulfillment in my busy life.

Wellness, beauty, lifestyle, and my faith are things I find happiness in and I’m excited to share my reflections, findings, and thoughts on this page. Whenever I do get time to slow down and enjoy life for what it is, I enjoy reading, baking, cooking, trying out new makeup and skincare products, and trying out new restaurants with my friends.

Community Guidelines:

  • We value the consideration of the feelings of others.

When leaving a comment on this page, please ensure that your words and tone are considerate of the feelings, thoughts, and opinions of others. Words have the power to uplift or degrade other people, and we strive to foster a community that is courteous with one another.

  • We value respectful dialogue.

We strongly believe that we can agree to disagree. We do not condone frustration or disagreement on personal views and opinions to lead to personal attacks onto other people. We believe in having compassion for others even when our convictions are different.

  • We value relevant content and comments.

We aim to foster a platform that provides others with helpful and purposeful content. We implore that any content or comment that is uploaded would be based on honest opinions and experiences.

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