Skincare Products I’ve Been Loving Lately | Part One

When I first started getting into the “hype” of skincare and make-up products in my first year of university, I remember I’d spend 45 minutes to an hour in front of my bedroom mirror to end up with a face full of make-up before going to class or work.

I loved watching YouTube videos in my free time that would show me the latest trending products I should use for clear skin and fell victim for smoky eyeshadow looks and matte lipstick.

While I’ve scaled back a lot on the time I spend prepping and pampering my face every morning and don’t watch beauty/skincare videos as much as I did as a college freshman, the time I spend in the morning to do my skin and make-up is a little pocket of joy I always look forward to in my everyday routine.

I thought I’d kick-off my first post with a round-up of skincare products I’ve been loving lately. Most of these products are from local, female and Canadian owned businesses and only use clean and natural ingredients.

So, let’s dive right into it…

  1. Cerave | Foaming Facial Cleanser: Made with normal to oily skin in mind, this cleanser has kept my face looking glowy and feeling refreshed! I love how it easily removes excess oil and dirt yet feels so gentle on the skin. This cleanser also includes amazing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and niacinamide to help restore the skin’s barrier, retain hydration, and soothe the skin.
  2. K’pure | Time Out (Uplifting Toner & Body Spray): This hydrating facial toner really does the trick when it comes to ensuring that my skin locks in my moisturizer. I love using this toner after I cleanse my face and it truly leaves me feeling relaxed once I apply it.
  3. K’pure | Sweet Serum: Though I only started implementing serums into my skincare routine last month, this luxurious facial serum has seriously become one of my holy grail skin products. It has a maple syrup like aroma that is concentrated yet not overpowering. I love applying 1-2 drops on my face after I use the Time Out toner.
  4. K’pure | Drenched (Whipped Face & Body Butter): If you can’t already tell… I’m obsessed every single K’pure Naturals product I’ve tried but I think this product takes the cake for me personally. I’ve tried a couple of different moisturizers/body butters in the past from other brands but nothing can come close to how rich, thick, absorbing, and heavenly this Drenched stuff is. I absolutely love their Extra Rich Vanilla scent and love applying this as a facial moisturizer and a body butter once I hop out of the shower. My skin always looks so smooth and silky after using it!

That’s a wrap on Part 1 of my Skincare Favourites! Will be back with Part 2 shortly!

With care & joy,


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